Wildly Romantic Windsor Offers Perfect Setting

We have had a really bonny royal year so far.  There have been two royal weddings involving two of the Queen’s eight grandchildren, and two very royal babies to two more of the brood.  In fact, there was another almost royal birth, in that the very popular sister of a royal granddaughter in law gave birth to a son in October.  So it’s been all roses and fabulous frothy romantic stuff for the media to pour out.  This has been very lovely to witness and makes a real change and minor distraction from the current tedium otherwise on offer.  We like to have something sheerful, pretty and celebrity filled – and by golly, St. George’s Chapel at Windsor is the most fantastic sight if a romantic setting is called for.  It couldn’t have been designed better even by the greatest artist director on earth!  We just love a bit of fluffy romance to fill the day!