Spring Bursts Into Life Even For Non Debutantes

I really try to avoid the valentine’s day scrummage in the shops.  The high street has really caught on to this as a viable date to make a fuss of so that their sales go through the roof.    I even saw greetings cards for the mother of the valentine target!  That is taking things rather to the outer limit of decency I think.  Shops are trying to boost sales to mitigate an appauling trading session.  The advent of very easy to use online sales and service mean that stores are not seeing the footfall they are used to and have to do absolutely anything they can think of to lure the punters back.  Lots of dress agencies also hark back a little, to a far more romantic style of an earlier period.   Society magazines ofen feature diray pages – like the old court circular. They show fabulously turned out young hopefuls – what used to be the debutante days.