Science Fiction With Romantic Styling

We all know what we like to wear and each generation has their version of vintage.  These in themselves have various characteristics that set them apart from just ‘olde worlde’ dress.    During the 1970s to 1990s we had the punk era – that was all screaming ‘pop’ groups that avowed no respect for government or royality etc. and they wore ripped clothing and just tried to be as unestablishment as possible.  This seemed to morph into Goth(ic) that involved dyed black hair, black clothing – rather like highwayman style for both guys and girls.   these didn’t reach mainstream clothing outlets as such but were found in ex-militia stores and specialist boutiques.  Today we have a very similar Romantic with threats kind of theme – called Steampunk, it’s harks back to all things run by steam rather than advanced technology and has a strong sassy vintage look and feel.   Just right for the more anachic amongst us!