Rose Garden Delights Inspire Home Sewing Projects

Ah the heady time of the year when the roses are beginning to fill the garden.  Not only do we have the glorious perfume that really fills the air – over powering the nostrils sometimes but oh so sweet.  I really love the enormous blooms of one particular old fashioned rose.  It has an appearance of an upturned bowl, hundreds of petals with the most glorious perfume and romantic pink shade that starts to bud in dark cerise pink and opens to pretty pearlescent pink.   In my rose bed at the moment I have this one massive bush and a couple of much younger specimen roses that will eventually be red, organge, white and yellow, in that order.   None of the others have the desired perfume though.   Being able to capture that aroma inspires me whenever I want to make a project – is absolutely essential to getting started in the first place.