Lace Making Cushion With Glass Bobbins Uncovered

I was out at a charity function the other week.  The plan had been to drive out to a venue that supports vulnerable young men and gets them repairing and refurbishing donated goods.  These are then sold on to support the outreach work.  We had a great time looking over the massive array of stuff that had been previously left for dead and now had amazing new life spans ahead of them.  The furniture was incredible – there were photos of how things looked upon arrival, so dramatic were some of the transformations.  One chum of mind wanted some new golf clubs and wandered off down one hallway.  We didn’t see her again for an hour and with the clubs came back a small folding craft frame a loom and a real treasure – a lace making cushion complete with the original glass lace bobbins that had come from our ery village – what chance of that ?!