Heritage Fair Throws Up Timely Reminders

I was present at a heritage fair recently.  I already help out at a local country house on their open days.  Usual thing, room steward ad helping visitors to appreciate the attractions.  We had a the fair in the ballroom and saloon.  Lots of stalls selling all manner of victorian style clothes and jewellery, fake furs, suffragette lookalike outfits.  More steampunk than Edwardian lady but the idea was there.  I was particularly taken with one stall that had picture post cards of street scenes from the same era.  Instead of cut little cottages with roses round the door as in Helen Allingsham’s rather rose tinted paintings, these were more down to earth with little urchins clambering up on milk carts and trying to get the tops of the milk churns;  baker’s boys with all shapes of loaf sticking out of their enormous bicycle baskets.  There were hundreds to look at and smmed up our heritage very nicely indeed!