Frothy Frilly Gear Dispensed With 1960s Revolution

There is currently an urgent request by the v&a museum in London for any members of the public who have an original Mary Quant garment, or even one of the same era, to loan them to the museum to celebrate Mary’s forthcoming massive birthday.   The 1960s into the 1970s was an incredibly busy period for many reasons.  The post war period was finally being shaken off and life had started to take a much more positive note for many of the families who at one time had suffered much loss of members and financial stability.   The excitement generated by the 1960s push for liberalisation and need to shake off the old way of doing things, made the younger element of society rebel against the stuffiness of the day.  Their elders were no longer the wiser ones.  Short skirts, mini dresses and very plain cuts were in and frilly, frothy feminine looks were definitely dead and finished with.