Early Film Captured The Social Niceties

I do love it when there are documentaries on tv about ‘the old days’.  To be accurate, I don’t mean Roman or Greek.  I mean since photography and film were first discovered for general consumption.  I have a couple of books that show detaled family groups in 1860s, in the US.  These are such a fascinating miracle to still be able to see how the families lived and survived in some pretty difficult times.  The clothes are fascinating to me.  We see these Victorian scenes over here too, ladies in their bathing huts, going for a dip off Brighton beach without being seen.   The daily wardrobe changes to suit the social requirements of the day too.  Plain day dress for breakfast;  slightly more ornate for morning calls.  Then luncheon required a change and the afternoon, spent receiving visits from others, required yet another wardrobe.  But dinner in the evening called for the best dress, jewellery and a little scent on each wrist.